Campaign Issues


– Robert will work to cultivate the state’s economic environment by reducing bureaucratic red tape that hinders small business and economic growth. As a farmer and small businessman himself, Robert understands the hard work and determination it takes for small businesses to be successful and will work hard to create opportunities for all Mississippians.  He is a firm believer in free markets and that economic prosperity is the solution to many of our state’s problems.


– Robert and his wife Heather are both graduates from the DeSoto County public school system, Hernando High School, and currently have one child in Hernando Elementary and another one that will be soon.  He will work to properly equip and invest in our teachers and students so that they may achieve their full potential in the class room, so that Mississippi may serve as a state leader in education.  He wants to return the focus of education to preparing our children to join the work force.  He believes that by allowing the large portion of students that will not go to college the opportunity to learn a Trade, that they will have a much more successful path when graduating from high school.  He understands the value of a college education but also that a good work ethic and a useful skill set can be even more important.  He will work diligently for local control in our Education system so that the parents and teachers in each school district are once again making all of the educational decisions for our children.  He will strive to give teachers back control of their classrooms by removing common core and over-burdensome testing.  He will fight to separate policy from funding in education so that local administrators and teachers are free to do their jobs.


Fiscal Responsibility
– Robert will work for fiscal responsibility by exercising common sense solutions with a conservative business approach.  He believes in balanced budgets, personal responsibility and supporting private charity rather than government mandated entitlements.


– Robert will work tirelessly to reduce tax burdens facing small business and individuals, so Mississippians can keep more of what they earn.  Our tax system is backwards from what it used to be and what it ought to be.  Rather than the government redistributing our wealth as they see fit, and us having to ask the government for “Our Money Back”, through “tax credits, refunds, grants and subsidies”, we should be able to keep more of our own money to begin with, to spend how we see fit.  “If 10% is enough for God, then 10% ought to be enough for the government.”


– Robert will work hard to protect our conservative values in order to preserve them for future generations. Robert holds strong Christian beliefs, is a strong supporter of state’s rights, is steadfast in protecting Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is an avid supporter of the 2nd amendment, and will work hard to limit our government.  He will stand strong to these beliefs by opposing and undoing laws that infringe on the Constitution and the Liberty of Mississippians.